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organic wool flat pillow

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Organic cotton outer filled with tiny balls of organic wool. This pillow is flatter than our standard wool pillow and does not have a quilted case.

It is particularly popular as a children's pillow or with people who prefer a flatter pillow to sleep on.

The wool balls retain their shape much better than layers of wool. Wool is an excellent temperature and moisture regulator and helps to create a healthy climate to sleep in.

This pillow is designed with a zip to allow you to easily remove the filling so you can adjust the height or add more organic wool balls to get the perfect height and feel for you.

Small pillow: 40 x 60 cm (16'' x 24'').
Standard pillow: 50 x 75cm (20'' x 30'').
Approximate height 5cm (2'').

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The cotton pillow case is machine washable at 40 degrees C. Please remove filling first as the wool balls are not machine washable. With Greenfibres label and washing instructions.

Filling weight approximately 300g (40x60cm), 700g (50x75cm).

There is a "maintenance" aspect to this pillow. Within 1-6 months the wool balls will start to gently felt together and it will feel like they are in clumps. This is because of the 'flatness' of the pillow, the action of the head on the pillow, and the moisture that we give off every night. To remedy the situation you can simply open up the pillow (there is a zipper along one side of the case) and tease open the wool balls for 5 -10mins and then close it up again.

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