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Welcome to Greenfibres

Welcome! If you are looking for beautiful, organic and ethically made bedding and clothing you’ve come to the right place.

Greenfibres has been making and selling organic textiles since 1996. We offer customers a personal service, and take a thoughtful approach to all aspects of the product manufacturing and trading experience. We’ve helped to grow the organic textile market in the past 25 years and are confident that green solutions will build a brighter, more just, future.

The wonderful natural collection of items you will find here include:

Cosy organic cotton pillowcases, fluffy Soil Association certified towels, natural skincare and cleaning products that really work, many different organic and natural mattresses, really comfortable and breathable socks!

Enjoy your time on the site and please let us know what you think: mail@greenfibres.com.

Our Customers say..

Our order arrived safely - thank you. Every time we receive our order from you, we feel so very pleased. You've never made a mistake, you always package goods ethically, and there is just such a good 'vibe' about it, I cannot quite put it into words. Perhaps it is that we feel we are dealing with honest people who live what they 'preach' (or sell?) :-). G.D. Read more