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organic cotton face mask - Sateen - GOTS cert.

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Reusable face masks made from 100% organic cotton that are comfortable on the skin and available in smooth Finest Sateen fabric - undyed and unbleached- or navy blue.

Wearing this mask can reduce the transmission pathways of an infection and it serves to protect the wearers from each other.

The mask is double layered with room for an insert that can be changed as and when needed. For this please have a look at our organic cotton flannel rectangles.
Alternatively we recommend you can try using our eco paper liners tissues or hankies etc.

100% organic cotton.
Elastic bands that go over your ears.

Please note: wearing such a mask can reduce the transmission pathways of an infection. These mouth-nose masks serve to protect the wearers from each other.

The masks will shrink approximately 5% with the first wash. Due to the particular nature of this product we are unable to accept returns of this item.

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Machine wash at 60 degrees C (or higher); hot iron.

Do not iron the elastic parts. Please remove inserts/liners before washing to either wash separately or discard.

Approximate size: 21.5 x 9cm.

Please note: this is not a surgical mask. It is not medically certified nor is it part of certified personal protective equipment. It is designed only as an additional protection from infection alongside other hygiene measures, such as handwashing, social distancing etc.
Wearing a face mask does not replace or reduce the need to follow other hygiene measures.