vegetable brush

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Untreated beechwood vegetable brush with natural tampico/union plant fibre bristles.

Designed to clean all types of vegetables gently and thoroughly.

This brush has a stiff side for potatoes and root vegetables and a softer side for more delicate vegetables.

Allow to dry thoroughly after each use.

Measures 13.5cm.

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Background on the fibres:

UNION: A cinnamon coloured fiber produced from the base of the leaf stalks of the India Palmyra palm. It has a medium stiff to stiff texture and is light to dark brown in colour. Used in garage floor brushes, fender washing brushes, deck brushes, and scrub brushes.

TAMPICO: Produced in Mexico from the stalk of the Agave plant. Has a soft to medium texture and is off white in colour. It is often dyed and blended to give the desired effects to a bristle brush. It is heat, alkali, and acid resistant. The porous fibres absorb water and work wet or dry. More aggressive than nylon or horsehair. Used for removing surface particles and tool marks, dusting, wet scrubbing, cleaning, and spreading liquids.