thermowood slim hairbrush

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Long and slim brush to fit into your handbag. The wood is lovely to the touch and the wood bristles avoid 'static hair-dos'.

Much gentler on your scalp than metal or plastic.

Sustainably sourced wood; wooden bristles in rubber cushion.

Approximately 20cm (8'') long.

See 'Details' for more information about Thermowood.
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Tips for looking after your brush: Wipe clean with moist cloth if necessary, or clean your hairbrush with a little bit of soapy warm water and a toothbrush (or similar). Do not immerse in water as this will damage the wood and wooden bristles. Lightly re-oil with olive oil if wood has become dry.

Please note that natural rubber can get brittle and damaged over time when in contact with hair care products and excessive heat therefore please keep brush away from hair dryers and avoid contact with hairsprays and other such products.

There is always 1 'bristle' missing from the cushion which appears as a small hole. This is not a fault but ensures that air can escape from the inside of the cushion when the brush is in used and the cushion is compressed. Without this escape mechanism the cushion would feel rigid and firm and be less gentle on the scalp.Thermowood - mostly from ash trees - is heat treated wood which makes it totally water resistant without the use of any chemicals. The wood is completely sealed yet remains breathable. Further or regular treatment - even with oils or waxes is not required. (If you would like to preserve the exotic, dark colour of the thermowood it is a good idea to occasionally use a bit of wax or oil. Exposure to UV light will turn the thermowood colour into a greyish, siverish hue over time. However, the oil/wax treatment is for looks only and is not necessary to maintain the water resistance of the wood).

The heat treatment also gives the wood an attractive colour and slightly smoky fragrance.

The kiln firing of wood is an ancient practice used to harden wood and make it moisture proof (the wood sugars caramelise which closes the pores of the wood). It makes the wood lighter, harder and prevents it from shrinking. The wood becomes immune to rot and mould.