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Tencel fibres is where sustainability meets high-tech.

Tencel fibres are made from cellulose - a raw natural fibre - that is derived from wood (eucalyptus) grown in sustainable forestry on marginal land not used for food crops. An elaborate process turns the cellulose into Tencel fibres (all chemicals are kept in a closed loop system). This low-energy process, which uses chemicals that are much more environmentally sensitive than those used for the processing of bamboo, was awarded the 'European Award for the Environment' by the EU.

Sold in bags of 1kg.

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Tencel fibre is biodegradable and is recognised by GOTS as different from other manufactured fibres. Its structure is very smooth and stable and it has an excellent capacity to absorb moisture. All this while being better at retaining warmth than cotton. It is also machine washable at 60 degrees. It is the ideal choice for people who suffer from allergies as it combines the convenience of a synthetic fibre with the comfort and healthy qualities of natural fibres.

If you require an idea of how much a kilo actually is, the dimensions of the 1kg bag of loose tencel are as follows;
an unsquashed bag measures approximately 54 x 46 x 20cm;
when squashed, the Tencel can be compacted to 40 x 24 x 24cm.