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Super-fine quality kapok from Thailand, unbleached, untreated. Kapok is often referred to as 'plant down' or 'silk cotton'. This 'fly-away' fibre is very soft to the touch yet supportive. Kapok fibres come from a seed pod harvested from the Ceiba tree.

Using natural produce such as kapok helps to protect vital ecosystem. Due to the fine structure of its fibres kapok is able to 'trap air'. This means it is very effective at retaining warmth, an unusual quality for a plant fibre.

1kg bag.

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If you require an idea of how much a kilo actually is, the dimensions of the 1kg bag of loose kapok are as follows;
an unsquashed bag measures approximately 54 x 46 x 20cm;
if squashed, the kapok can be compacted to 40 x 24 x 24cm.