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standard 7 zone latex mattress

The 7 zone mattress is the softest mattress we offer. With its different pressure zones, it is very responsive, while maintaining a very good degree of support.

This natural latex mattress is characterised by areas of different responsiveness to accommodate the pressure zones of the body.

This excellent responsiveness is enhanced by a special cutting technique which 'breaks-up' the surface and allows the body to accurately sink into the mattress.

This is particularly beneficial for people with sensitive shoulders, hips and lower back areas.

A soft organic cotton cover ensures that the responsiveness of the latex is not inhibited.

Organic cotton drill cover with a thick layer of organic wool surrounds the latex core.

Approximately 15 cm high. This mattress has a soft feel.

All mattresses are hand made and take 6-8 weeks to be delivered.

See 'details' for sizing and delivery charges.

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