silk mattress pad

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Luxurious mattress pad filled with raw silk.
Breathable and cooling, silk is said to have anti-allergenic properties and is recommended for very sensitive people.

This pad will add softness and cushioning to a mattress that is too firm or has seen better days. Great also as a buffer on mattresses with a synthetic cover.

Silk is an excellent temperature and moisture regulator which will create a healthy sleeping environment and micro-climate.

The quilted organic cotton cover has elasticated corner straps to prevent the pad from slipping.

Approximately 2cm thick.
Approximately 500gsm.

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Single: 90 x 200cm
Double: 140 x 200cm
King: 160 x 200cm
Super king: 180 x 200cm

How to care for your silk mattress pad:
Pads made with animal fibres have the natural capacity to regenerate themselves. Air them frequently and expose them to sunlight when possible. Stains can be spot-cleaned using a special wool detergent.
It is possible to gently hand wash the pad.

Filling weight approximately 500g per sqm.