organic cotton fine tights for children

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98% organic cotton with 2% lycra for a great and comfortable fit.

The lycra is cotton encased so only cotton touches the skin!

Great for school uniforms.

Soft, gentle, breathable, ideal for sensitive skins.
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The sizing is the approximate height of the child:

Age 2-3, 92/98cm
Age 4-5, 98/104cm
Age 5-6, 110/116cm
Age 7-8, 122/128cm
Age 8-9, 134/140cm
Age 10, 152cm

Organic cotton protects producers and the environment by doing away with the need for chemical pesticides. It also protects your skin as it is free from the many chemicals whose residues may cause allergies. Organic cotton is also super-breathable and is gentle on even the most sensitive skin. Make a positive change to your health and support a better future; choose organic cotton whenever you can.