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When you’re off on your holidays, the last thing you want to be thinking about is cleaning. But whether you’re wild camping, glamping or living it up in a swish AirBnB the washing up still needs to get done. What you need is an effective cleaning range that takes up little space in your luggage, gets the job done without using up valuable holiday time and has zero impact on the environment you’re staying in.

It’s good to know that our award winning natural cleaning range from Sonett comes in handy travel sizes - being highly concentrated these 120ml bottles fit easily into your luggage or rucksack, and are perfect for on the move laundry and washing up greasy pans after camp breakfast.  So when you need to wash out hiking socks for another day on the dales, or clean up after last night's bbq, this powerful all-natural range is perfect for quick and easy holiday cleaning.  Plus, it's 100% biodegradable so washing off won't damage the precious eco-system where you're staying. 

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Why we love Sonett’s range for travel:

  • highly concentrated products mean that 120ml travel sizes go a long way, keeping luggage light
  • powerful plant-based cleaning agents ensure that Sonett’s products are totally natural yet still very effective against grease, dirt and grime, taking up minimal precious holiday time
  • all natural ingredients mean these products are 100% biodegradable, perfect for washing up outdoors, without causing harm to the local ecosystem.

Our top 3 products to pack for travelling:

3 bottles of different sizes of natural calendula washing up liquid

Calendula dishwashing liquid

A highly concentrated washing up liquid, 100% natural ingredients and very effective against grease and cooked on food. Whether it’s washing up wine glasses after a night under the stars, or cleaning up after camp breakfast. Tough on dishes, and the addition of calendula ensure this product is very gentle on your skin, and even suitable for sensitive skins.

travel size and full size bottle of sonett lavender laundry liquid

Liquid laundry detergent 

When you’re travelling light, a travel sized eco laundry detergent is ideal to keep clothes clean and ready for re-wearing.  Sonnet's 100% natural and effective liquid laundry detergent is tough on stains and dirt, and scented only with essential oils for a fabulous fresh and clean feeling.   Suitable for hand or machine washing in temperatures from 30 degrees C upwads. 

(For extra sensitive skins, try the travel sized unscented sensitive laundry liquid here)

travel size and full size Sonett natural orange power cleaner

Orange power cleaner

Use diluted or on its own, this powerful natural cleaner cleans up barbecues grills and wipes down surfaces leaving them sparkling clean with the natural scent of organic orange essential oil.  Like all Sonett products there’s no synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals or other nasties, just 100% plant based biodegradable goodness.


When you're back from holiday:

Once you’ve finished your travel sizes, you can either keep them for reuse, decanting from Sonett’s larger economy sizes on your next trip, or simply recycle. The packaging materials are chosen because they're easily recycled and don’t release toxic substances when processed. 

Taking a break is a truly wonderful thing, and travelling with minimal impact on our planet is central to us at Greenfibres, and we know it's important to you too which is why we wanted to share this guide to eco-cleaning whilst on holiday.   Whether you're heading off on holiday or staying at home, you can discover more about Sonett in our webstore here.  Happy travels!