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Investing in an organic mattress is one of the best things you can do for your sleep health, so you’re going to want to protect it as long as possible to keep it in great condition and our pads and protectors will do just that. 

But, if you're not in a position to invest in one just yet, find out how our organic mattress pads can make your sleep space more comfortable, even on a mattresses that have seen better days.  Plus, discover how you can protect your skin and airways from toxic chemicals like fire-retardants, by adding an organic mattress proctor to provide a barrier between you and the toxins you want to avoid. 

This blog explores how you can make your mattress last longer, and contribute to a better nights sleep, where you can really dream big. 

Let’s start at the bottom:

Mattress Underlays.

Placed between your mattress and your bed base, yep, that means under your mattress, mattress underlays protect your mattress from indents from slats and rips or tears from splinters or screws in the base. The felted wool layer also helps reduce friction and holds the mattress in place, so no straps are required.

Because our underlays are made from felted wool, you're getting the added benefit of creating a cosy sleep environment.  Wool is a natural heat and moisture regulater, so the felted underlay will help keep our cold air, and the natural moisture regulating properties of wool help draw out any moisture from the mattress too.   We particularly recommend underlays for latex mattresses, which are more prone to indentations, or for older bed frames that may have splinters.

Mattress Pads:

Also know known as mattress toppers, for an extra level of dreamy comfort (and especially useful if you find your current mattress a little firm) then add an organic wool or organic cotton mattress pad into your sleep space.  Thicker than a mattress protector, and with a quilted organic cotton cover, mattress pads are ideal if you’re not quite ready to invest in a new mattress, and need a comfort boost in bed.  

Choose organic wool for it’s excellent heat and moisture regulation, especially if you get too warm at night, have night sweats or hot flushes, and for luxurious comfort.  Our organic cotton mattress pad is a lighter version, at a lower price point and works well if you prefer a firmer feel to your mattress.

Our pads have elastic corner straps to hold it on place on your mattress, if you want to avoid them simply snip them off, and use a fitted sheet over the top to hold the pad in place through the night. 

Mattress Protectors

Protectors can be put directly on to your mattress, or over the top of a mattress pad, protecting both you and your mattress.

Mattress protectors save your mattress from spills and stains, whether that’s kids or pets, or tea drinking mishaps and keep it cleaner and looking like new for longer.   Plus, if you’ve got a non-organic mattress they form a protective barrier between you and any of the toxic chemicals used in conventional mattresses that you want to avoid.  Especially helpful when you have asthma, eczema, psoriasis, sensitive skin and allergies. 

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How to layer up your bed

Put down the mattress underlay onto the bed base. Then put your mattress on top. Add your mattress pad, then the protector on top of that. Then you’re ready to make up your bed with your choice of organic bed linen. If you’d like to find the best bed linen for you, then explore our bed linen blog here. 

Do I really need all of these?

Having an underlay, mattress pad and protector will give you the ultimate sleep experience, as well as protecting your mattress for long term use and your health if you're using a non-organic mattress. 

However, if you can only budget for one, here’s our round up of what to prioritise. 

Protectors and pads will both provide an extra barrier of protection if you’ve got a non-organic mattress and want to avoid the chemicals it’s been treated with.  Choose the pad if your mattress is too firm, you want the extra comfort  or has become a little uncomfortable and you’re not quite ready to invest in a new mattress.  Choose the protector if you have a lot of spills (kids, pets, tea-drinking mishaps, using lots of body lotions) and want to keep your mattress stain free.  Underlays will help keep you warmer, and protect your mattress from damage, choose this if you’ve invested in a new mattress, particularly if it’s latex or you sleep in a cold room and you’d like to be warmer.