a blond woman sleeping soundly on white bed linen

Getting too hot at night is one of the most common reasons for staying awake when you want to be asleep. Switching to natural bed linen and bedding is a great step in the right direction, with natural fibres possessing heat and moisture moderating properties to naturally ensure a cooling and dry environment. Explore our guide to choosing the best bedding to help you get a restful night's sleep, and awake ready and recharged for the day ahead.

Bed Linen

Crisp and cool organic cotton percale is the bed linen you want for hot summer evenings. If you love an airy lightweight sheet, then breathable percale is perfect.  Enjoy hotel style silky smooth sheets, that don't retain heat, ideal through the warmer seasons or for those of us that tend to overheat whilst sleeping.  If you crave coolness at night, but at a lower price point then our everyday bed linen in or tawny is really comfortable to sleep on through all seasons, still lightweight and airy and can be a good choice over percale if you have sensitive skin.

crisp and cool organic cotton percale bed linen


Silk is particularly good at cooling whilst temperatures are high, and it's also popular with people with sensitive skin and allergies.   We use wild silk (also known as peace silk) which is gathered after the silk worm/moth has left the coccon.   The texture is more irregular than fine silk, and allows air to circulate and heat to evaporate, creating a cooling sleeping environment.   Choose from our extra light silk duvet for very warm nights, or our all year silk duvet for all seasons.   If you're following a plant based lifestyle, then our tencel duvet is a great choice when the weather warms up.  The fibres have an excellent capacity to absorb moisture, and can be machine washed making excellent for children and those with allergies.  

organic cotton duvet with Greenfibres logo stitched in


Building a bedroom that suits summer starts with your mattress. It’s not practical for most of us to have a summer and winter mattress, but a natural mattress that’s breathable and doesn’t retain too much heat or moisture will help you sleep comfortably all through the seasons. When you sleep, your body temperature transfers to the mattress,  and this can cause your mattress to retain heat, and as you continue to warm up, the mattress continues to absorb more heat, making you hotter and disrupting your sleep.  Natural latex mattresses are aerated to allow airflow and breathability, and avoid trapping the heat from your body.   

We stock pure natural latex mattresses of different heights, plus a horsehair and latex combined mattresses, which have the added benefit of being very effective in absorbing moisture, and providing a firmer feel. 

Mattress Pads, Toppers and Protectors

If now is not the right time to be investing in a new mattress, then an organic and natural fibre mattress pad (also known as a mattress topper) will help protect you from your synthetic mattress, and provide a breathable layer.   Our wool filled mattress pad is an excellent moisture and heat regulator and will allow all the benefits of sleeping on natural fibres at a lower cost, not to mention an extra layer of comfort which always helps!  


What you wear next to your skin counts - choosing organic cotton sleepwear in either a loose cotton jersey nightshirt or organic cotton sleep t-shirt  helps keep your skin to breathe, and the air to circulate freely.   Loose fabric allows you to move around at night, so oganic cotton jersey fabric has enough stretch to not restrict your movements. 

a man and a woman wearing navy blue grandad style nightshirt


If you need any help at all in choosing the best bed linen, duvets, pillows or mattress for your sleep style then please get in touch.  With over 25 years of creating organic bedding, we can listen to your sleep concerns and point you in the right direction of the kinds of bedding that will work best for you.   Sweet dreams!