waterproof sheet

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Brushed organic cotton fabric with a thin synthetic rubber layer through the middle. The organic cotton encases the rubber so it avoids contact with your skin.

Completely waterproof while still being comfortable on the skin; a great alternative to PVC.

Place between a mattress and bed sheet. Use as a mattress protector or as a baby changing sheet; easy to roll up and carry.

Can be machine washed.

This material is also available by the metre.

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Machine washable up to 60 degrees; gentle spin, no tumble dry.

Untreated with finishing chemicals such as Formaldehyde so gentle on you and your children's skin.

Natural colour of cotton; undyed and unbleached.

This fabric can be easily cut to a different size, does not need seaming.
The waterproof layer is a Polyolifin foil with 25 m? thickness, similar to a polyurethane foil. The foil is fixed between the two cotton layers with a polyurethane glue. 25m? is 25 micrometers (for reference the diameter of the average human hair is 100m?).