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Sonett water softener

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Helps to optimise the use of the laundry liquid and washing powder in varying water hardness areas.

The main ingredient of the softener is Zeolite A (Sodium Aluminium Silicate), which consists of two raw materials, Sodium Silicate and Sodium Aluminate. According to the ion-exchange principle, this silicate traps the Calcium and Magnesium ions responsible for hard water. This 'softens' the water allowing any residues to be safely removed from the fabrics and getting better results from using less detergent.

Free from fillers, phosphates and other substances made from Crude Oil waste products such as NTA and EDTA.

100% biodegradable.

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Ingredients: Zeolite A, Citrate, Soda.

Sonett makes cleaning products using biodynamic and organic ingredients that really work. Sonett cleaning products do not harm your skin or the environment.
All surfactants are of vegetable origin from biodynamically or organically grown plants and are 100% biodegradable. They are free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, dyes, enzymes, petroleum-based ingredients or allergens. Fragrance is restricted to a few, non-allergenic organic and natural essential oils. Sonett products are GM-free.

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