Sonett eco sponge - pack of 2

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Is your skin reacting to your normal sponge? Or just don't like the idea of washing your dishes with a synthetic piece of foam?

Our sponge is made of cellulose, sisal fibres and recycled PET.

This is a scratch-free sponge, washable up to 60 degrees C.

Also suitable for delicate glasses, stainless steel and lotus-effect surfaces.

2 piece pack.

The green part of the sponge is made from 100% cellulose and can be composted. The brownish, coarse part of the sponge is made from 60% sisal and 40% PET from plastic bottles. This part has to be thrown away with your general rubbish.

The two layers can be separated easily.

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Composition: sponge side - 100% cellulose fibres fibre side - 60% sisal fibres, 40% recycled PET. Adhesive: Polyurethane.

Made in the EU.