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Sonett organic body oil

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The key ingredients of these very special oils is the mistletoe.

The summer mistletoe (leaf) and the winter mistletoe (berry), so different from each other, are processed into two aqueous solutions and the rhythmised in a fluid oscillator, freely moving and touching each other. The result is a mistletoe extract of a new, extraordinary quality.

The Mistelform body care products nourish the skin and harmonize the body. They come in 3 different scents:

Myrtle & Orange Flower: activates and invigorates.

Lavender & Frankincense: calming and relaxing.

Lemon & Swiss Pine: vigorous and vitalising.


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Please shake bottle before use.

Ingredients: Olive oil*, extract from mistletoe berries* and leaves* (sensitised in the oscillator), lanolin, vegetable alcohol (ethanol)*, essential oils*.

Essential oils used: myrrh & orange flower: myrtle*, orange flowers* lavender & frankincense: lavender*, francincense* lemon & Swiss Pine: lemon*, lemongrass*, Swiss pine*.

*certified organically grown / collection from wild growing plants.

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