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This natural sheepskin plant tanned with mimosa extracts which means it is free from chrome and other harmful chemicals.

With extra short and soft hair.

Great playmat or buggy insert.

From Merino sheep this is the softest, finest fleece we have found.

Sizes and shapes vary; approximately 52 x 92cm (20.5" x 36").

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Brush hair with a special sheep skin brush (or dog brush) to keep it fluffy and clean.

Not machine washable.

For stains: Only wash the woollen side. Luke warm hand wash with gentle detergent, e.g. our wool/silk washing liquid, is recommended. Rinse with clear water, squeeze out as much water as possible and hang to dry. Try not to get the leather side wet as this will stiffen the skin.
To kill off any mites etc. leave the skin in the freezer for 48 hrs or leave outside overnight in freezing temperatures. Comb the fur afterwards.

Please be aware that due to danger of choking, babies who sleep on their front should not be left to sleep on soft surfaces.