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Alkena organic silk skincare

Silk offers precious benefits for use in cosmetic care products. It contains proteins that are similar to those that make up human skin. Furthermore it has valuable moisturising properties. The quality of the raw material plays a decisive role in the quality of the final product. In this respect silk is no different to any other natural materials. The raw material for silk is the silk cocoon. Different kinds of silkworms produce different qualities of silk. The best quality silk is mulberry silk. It is made by the so called mulberry silkworm (Bombix Mori). Its name derives from the plant the worm feeds on: the mulberry. The leaves of the mulberry are the sole food source for the silkworms. SABA Sichuan Alkena Biodynamic Agriculture SABA is the name of the project which has so far planted approx. 600,000 mulberry trees. They are grown as bushes, similar to pollarded willow without trunk growth. The shoots, up to 15 in total, grow to over 2m in height and the leaves can be harvested 4 times a year. The leaves used to feed the silkworms from May until September. In order to maintain a healthy balance within a mono-culture like this, principles of biodynamic agriculture are applied. The resulting silk is certified by IMO (Institute for Market Ecology) in Switzerland.

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