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Martina Gebhardt demeter happy aging cleanser - 150ml

Gently cleanses, nurtures and protects the skin.

Gently massage into skin and then rinse off with lukewarm water. In the evening this generally suffices and no toner or cream is necessary as the cleanser will not dry out your skin. For very dry or demanding skin follow with a small amount of cream.

If needed in the morning (if you have been using a heavier night cream) follow with a Martina Gebhardt toner and your cream or lotion of choice.

Anti-Aging - No, Happy Aging! The power of regeneration exists within each of us. It can be harnessed when we learn to accept ourselves the way we are. 'Anti' means resistance, resisting oneself and one's own ability to regenerate. 'Anti' makes old!

Love and acceptance for the things that make us 'happy' and 'forever young' - vibrant and radiant. One's inner beauty enhances one's outer beauty and natural skin care is an important part of this concept. The 'Happy Aging' line does just that - support and enhance the regenerative processes, naturally.

150ml pump dispenser.

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