The Sonett Sensitive range offers laundry detergents, cleaning agents, and body care products specifically designed for sensitive skin.

The Sensitive range is particularly suitable for people who suffer from very sensitive skin or chemical allergies, as this range contains no fragrances, no preservatives, no colourants and complexing agents, no fillers and no enzymes.

Simply put, this is the most gentle and purest form of organic and naturally sourced cleaning products.

All products are free from petrochemical ingredients and are completely biodegradable. Please see each product description for the full ingredients listing.

  1. Sonett curd soap - 100g
  2. Sonett sensitive hand and body soap liquid
    from £7.90
  3. Sonett sensitive washing-up/all purpose cleanser
    from £5.30
  4. Sonett sensitive laundry washing liquid
    from £1.50
  5. Sonett sensitive olive washing liquid - 1 litre
  6. dispenser pumps
    from £19.90
  7. gift voucher
    from £5.00
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